Assembly conditions

December 2011

The service is carried out by our technicians in accordance with our terms of service. In addition, the service cost include the travel expenses of the technicians as well as all the tools, the cost of lodging and the time needed for preparatory activities. In the service contract or the acknowledgement of order the type, scope and duration of the work shall be defined. The machine(s) to be serviced must be inspected prior to the start of the work while functioning or running; otherwise it will not be possible to provide any form of warranty following the work. Any changes must be in writing in agreement with Mr. Bayer. The buildings in which the work is to be carried out must be enclosed and the ambient temperature should not be less than +5 °C.

The customer shall provide separate, heated and lockable shower and dressing rooms with lockers. The customer must provide any auxiliary personnel, equipment and lifting devices and any other objects required for the service at his own expense. In case the work lasts several days, a lockable room must be placed at the disposal of the work personnel to accommodate material and tools. The customer shall be liable in case of any loss of tools, auxiliary equipment, spare parts as well as any personal items of the fitters on his premises. In case of longer work periods the fitters must be granted – unless otherwise agreed – a paid trip home – at the latest every 4 weeks.

on request you can receive the current hours and overtime pay

For the additional charges, the German holidays shall apply.

Orders that are cancelled at short notice (3 days prior to commencement of work)), we shall charge 8 hours per day for the planned service and the scheduled technician. Times for technical preparation and for reporting will be charged according to the extend they incurred. Lodging and expenses shall be invoiced in accordance with applicable tax directives. If the lodging exceeds these rates, we shall charge the actual expenses accrued as proven by the expense voucher. In case of a daily trip home, the kilometers must be reimbursed with 0,60 €/km as well as the travel time incurred. (70 km = 1hr travel time). The rate for a station wagon with or without a trailer is 0,85 €/km. If larger quantities of tools or other materials are required that cannot be transported with the station wagon, they shall be transported at the customer’s expense. If the work is delayed due to no fault on our part, all the resulting costs such as waiting times, any required return trips and renewed trips to the site shall be charged.

The same also applies, if – through no fault on our part – the commissioning or acceptance inspection cannot be carried out after the work is completed and another trip to the site is required. For the commissioning, any and all sizes of bottles and containers planned to be used in production must be provided by the customer. If, for any reason these items cannot be provided by the customer and the commissioning cannot be carried out, any further commissioning will have to be charged. During commissioning, the personnel in charge of the plant/machine must be designated and present for proper instruction into the technology of the machines. At the same time, our personnel must be granted the possibility of carrying out minor rework and fine adjustments. The invoicing of the work shall be carried out according to the service report documented by our technicians and signed by the customer. In case of the first order, we shall carry out the service only after receipt of an advance payment – based on a cost estimate. The invoices shall be due for payment without any deduction immediately following the receipt of these invoices. In case of delay, we shall charge an interest rate of 1% per month. If reminders for payment are required, we shall charge € 13,00 for postage and handling for each reminder. If the total calculated costs exceed 7 000,00 € , they become due as follows: 50% of the costs prior to the start of the work 50% without any deduction following the completion of the work, immediately following the receipt of the invoice.